Highway 14 and Dock Grade Road

White Salmon, WashingtonSep 03, 20021 Comments

Unsuspecting Motorists from out of town Beware. As you are coming Down the HIll on Dock Grade Road and just as you see the gorgeous view of the Columbia River Gorge, there is a speed limit sign of 25 mph as you go around a bend. Even with your brakes on going down this steep hill, it is nearly impossible to do 25. There are Three speed limit signs on the way up the hill (where it is very hard to speed) but only one coming down and the one signs coming down the hill is strategically placed so you can’t see it. Also of note, the posted speed limits through the entire town range from 15-25 mph. Cop hides behind a wall at the bottom of the highway. As you come down the hill there are numerous trees that would block your view of his police car. I suspect they need to fund a building for their police department as it appears they don’t have one. $200.00 ticket. I have an excellent driving record and a warning would have sufficed but this cop wouldn’t hear of it. My guess is he had a quota for Labor Day weekend.

I live in White Salmon. Our officers are friendly, but do make traffic stops for public safety. The speed limit in any town in Washington is 25 MPH unless posted otherwise. There are 2 speed limit signs in the distance of .4 miles that say the speed limit is 25. The road is substandard - steep, narrow, and along a side hill that creates a drop off at least 100 feet with no guard rail. This is not a speed trap, but the normal use of police traffic radar. Your poster that supplied the comments was doing at least 45 MPH when stopped, according to his fine. He was unsafe and would complain if someone was driving through his neighborhood at 20+ MPH over the speed limit. And our town made about $30 out of his fine, which goes into the general fund. About $5 will end up going to the police department - indirectly in the next year's budget. We will use his $5 to build a police department?
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