Highway 18 going west

McMinnville, OregonOct 05, 20034 Comments

At the exit to Dayton a police car is waiting for you (speed is 55,as passing Evergreen museum a police car is on the right side,2 miles later the speed drop to 45 just before the red light and again they will be another police car waiting,few miles later ,right after a curve and under a bridge.In town if you go more than 10 miles over speed limit they will stop you.

This seems to be the big money trap for Mcminnville. The cops really use this three mile area to support their need for money. This area is a big money maker for McMInnville. They have one officer that likes to park on Cruickshamk Road about a block left off 99w just before the Old Stone Village mobile park. You can almost set your clock by him and his favorite parking space.
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The Oregon State Police have moved their office to this section of hwy 18 adjacent to the Comcast office. This 45 MPH section of the hwy is bordered on both sides of the hwy with huge concrete blocks, with one, soon to be two traffic lights and never and accident anywhere besides where the light is, but for some reason, McMinnville has capitalized on using this area as a speed trap due to the large number of accidents miles away from this area by using the reasoning that this hwy is dangerous. Not in this area. I live in McMinnville and I've never heard of an accident in this area. It is a bunch of propaganda for speed control This area was originally a bypass because the city of Mcminnville was complaining about Portland to the Coast traffic bogging down traffic in town. After they got this bypass, the business owners were complaining about the lost revenue, so the city stupidly allowed businesses to be built on it. Enter the speed trap mentality.
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Just Letting you all know that McMinnville doesn't HAVE a speed trap, it IS a speed trap! I was driving myself and mom home from Thanksgiving vacation, left town on hwy. 18, heading wes, and reset the cruise control to 55, the posted speed. The police car came down the straight away from the west, turned a U turn, and came up behind and pulled me over. He said that I was going 67 in a 45, which was the exact speed I heard him say about another driver who was in court that day... So, forewarned is forearmed. Yes, they are REV-EN-UING. $$$$$ The hornets' nest of the Oregon State Police is right by the hospital there, across from the Evergreen Air Museum. So, just like you want to be careful around a bald face hornet's nest, keep in mind they are circling the hive... God Speed and good luck.
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Yes. McMinnville officers actually get hard-ons when they get to pull over speeder. Too bad they couldn't get one for illegal bicycle riders and red light runners inside the city. They seem to really like their lucrative hwy 18 bi-pass route and use it to their full advantage. I even know firsthand a story about a cop who pulled over a man who didn't have a driver's license just because he looked like a guy who didn't have one and there was absolutely no way he could have known that this guy didn't have a driver's license. The guy was driving someone else's car and had not been pulled over before that day. Yeah, beleive it. McMinnville is a speed trap and the cops really like getting hard ons for you, so youall drive carefully now, heah?
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