Highway 19 East

Alex, OklahomaMar 01, 20002 Comments

Alex is a typical small town trying not to fade into the sunset. It derives about 85% of its revenue from traffic tickets. Since Oklahoma has no cap on how much of a towns total revenue can be earned from traffic citations, these guys are "going to town" on out-of-towners. If you live in Alex, you are pretty safe, but if you don’t, you’re fair game. Alex has a jurisdiction of just under 8 square miles, but most of the time their officers can be found sitting on Hwy 19 in a little valley on the south side of the road. They will write you for 9 miles over, and probably ask to search your car. They have a K-9, so it doesn’t do too much good to object. If they pull you over, get ready to sit for a while.

Oklahoma does have a limit a town can earn their revenuw from traffic citations. If its over a certain amount they can no longer write tickests on state highways. Im missing on why it makes no sense to object to a search if they have a K9. You just said that they have an 8 mile jurisdiction. If you dont want to be searched then say no. So what if they call the canine. They cant hold you their longer than it would otherwise take to do the traffic stop waiting for the k9 under the law and besides, the most they can be is 8 miles away acording to you.
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you are not safe if you live there,they hire new officers regularly,so they can ticket locals.they have 10 officers an less than 700 population.do the math.
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