Highway 321 (Carolina Highway) in Olar, SC

Olar, South CarolinaApr 08, 20152 Comments

You will miss the signs saying it drops from 60 to 30 because it really isn’t a town/city at all. You’ll be cruising on the highway through essentially rural farmland and will miss the fact that you went by a “city” because it’s just a couple abandoned stores by a train track, plus a speed trap. The officer will try to give you a whopping $350 ticket for “thoughtless operation” in lieu of a speeding ticket ($80ish) as a ‘break’ because it doesn’t carry points but gives them way more $$$. Highway robbery.

Here we go again...more posts from those without a clue!!! The 60mph area is quite a few miles from Olar (like 40 miles) and there are several towns between where the speed drops, per the state DOT, not the towns. For the record, there are 12 businesses in Olar, not just the buildings by the train tracks. In reference to the $80ish ticket, those are written only by the Highway Patrol since they do not HAVE to add all the fees to their tickets since they are run by the state. Towns have hundreds of dollars in fees added to tickets to support the state. A $350 Thoughtless Operation ticket would be a 6 point speeding ticket for $355. Although there is no $350 Thoughtless Operation ticket, to my knowledge. It goes from $250 to $450 (which is the 6 point ticket). Again, you are caught breaking the law and want to blame the town or police officer since he was doing his job and stopping you. Take responsibility for your actions, breaking the law, and stop blaming others.
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First of all, there is no portion of 321 within about 50 miles of Olar where the speed limit is 60 mph. The speed limit is 55 mph just at the town limit, and drops to 45 mph. There is a sign advising of the change from 55 to 45. The speed limit then drops to 30 mph. Speeding ticket bonds are set by the SC Supreme Court, and officers are directed what bond to place on the ticket. The bond depends on the number of miles per hour over the posted speed limit. The bonds are $87.50 for less than 9 mph over; $133.00 for 10-14 over; $187.00 for 15-24 over; and, $355.00 for 25 and above over the speed limit. For a speeding ticket, you also receive points ranging from 2 to 6 depending on the speed. Check with your insurance company to see how much more you would have to pay for these tickets. Thoughtless Operation is a municipal ordinance that carries zero points, so although you may pay more of a fine, your insurance may not go up. Being a municipal ordinance, the fine could be as high as $500.00. The fine for the Thoughtless Operation ticket is also based on your speed. The higher the speed, the higher the fine. Now, don't go thinking that Olar gets rich from these fines; the State of South Carolina gets $30 from each ticket, plus fees and assessments that leave the town with about one-third of what is taken in. The bottom line is, if your obey the posted speed limit, which is set by the SC Department of Transportation, you won't have to worry about getting any ticket.
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