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Olar, South CarolinaFeb 28, 20158 Comments

If you look at the places on 321 that have been listed as speed traps, you have Swansea, Denmark, Norway and none of those places have a listing in the past several years. And then there is Olar with five just since September, 2014. If the city of Olar wants to get the word out about penalties for exceeding 30 mph on a 500 yard stretch of Highway 321, they have done a fine job of it. Perhaps with the money the municipal tickets raise to support this little town, they can buy some magnetic police decals for the black-on black-in black charger.

There is no Highway 327 in Olar, SC. Are you sure you even know here you were when you apparently were ticketed for breaking a traffic law?
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perhaps the person meant 321 and simply made two mistakes: One traveling through , in the words of another poster, "the dying town of Olar," and two, typing a 7 instead on a 1. I would have said three mistakes, but the person reporting said nothing of getting a ticket which you apparently assumed.
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So because Olar is a small town, and because it gets to keep about 1/3 of the money collected in fines (the state gets the rest), it is o.k. to speed through town. Is that what I am reading? If you got a speeding ticket in New York City, I guess that would be o.k. because it's not a small town "speed trap." How much sense does that make?
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So because the small town of Olar has no other means to raise funds to support itself, the state of South Carolina allows Olar to be a speed trap as long as the state of South Carolina gets it share. Is that what I am reading? The remainder of your comment is at best a weak analogy. Perhaps if Olar would provide how much revenue it receives from property tax and how much it receives from speeding tickets, even you would come to grips with the fact that Olar is a speed trap. Have a blessed day.
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But my question remains. Are you saying it is o.k. to speed in Olar because Olar is a speed trap?
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If Olar has to depend on the tickets to stay alive, can you explain how Olar managed to survive the year or so when we didn't have a police officer to write tickets? We did fine off the property taxes and other funds, so that shows me the tickets are just that....fines for those of you that feel it is okay to violate the speed laws set by the state for ALL roads. When so called adults learn to take responsibility for their actions, good and bad, then this world may start to turn around for the better, but sadly I know that will not happen. Few want to say, "Hi, I am a law breaker!"
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It is interesting that everyone who has posted Olar as a speed trap has admitted they were speeding, Because they were speeding does not mean Olar is not a speed trap. In fact, one person from Olar essentially admitted Olar was a speed trap (see post Oct. 1, 2014). Now, as for Olar doing fine without revenue from the speed trap, I do not want to kick you when you are down, but just look around at all the boarded up buildings that are falling down and tell us all again how well you are doing and how long you would have lasted past that one year before you got your cash cow? And then look at Denmark, Swansea, Neeses, and all the other small towns with police forces that do not have to resort to speed traps for revenue. Have a blessed day.
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I would say that the Pro-Olar comments are probably from some town official or the "Police Chief" who are direct beneficiaries of the revenue generated from the "thoughtless operation" ticket mill they run. I was curious about the revenue sources of the town so I checked the State Treasurer's website. Interesting to see that Olar is delinquent in filing their FY 2015 certified audit with the state. This is a violation of the law. Shouldn't it be punished?
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