Highway 57 @ Mt. Zion Road

Piperton, TennesseeMar 01, 20141 Comments

I was going east on highway 57 with my cruise control set at 45mph, I see a police car approaching driving in the opposite direction and don’t really give it much thought until said police car blue lights start flashing as he is almost past me. I slow down and watch him in my rear view mirror thinking maybe he got an emergency call and he was getting ready to make a u-turn and I needed to get out of his way to pass. Since I could still see him in my mirror, I continued to watch him find a place to turn around with his lights on, stop for about 3 minutes, make a u-turn and proceed to pull me over for speeding. He said I was going “56 in a 45”. This was a first for me, I have never been stopped by a cop with a radar going in the opposite direction!!!! I was not speeding and my cruise control was set at 45.

No you were speeding. If your cruise was set at 45 why did you "slow down" hmmmm. Also there is no spot on 57 where you would have 3 minute line of site unless you algae already pulled over. My guess is there was a car in front of you a little ways up, you vote democrat therefore can't stand for anyone to be in front of you, so you sped up to pass and got caught. All democrats drive the same.
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