Highway 78 between Wylie and Nevada

Lavon, TexasJul 27, 20112 Comments

Police often sit on side of road with all lights off, speed limits change 4-5 times in the 2 miles of highway they patrol. They will pull you over for anything-speeding, light out on your car, etc, then proceed to go over you and the car with a fine tooth comb looking for anything this crooked police force can make money on. Often they will tow your car using one of their "buddy" tow companies-who then charge you hundreds of dollars for a 24 stay in impound. The Lavon police dept has been featured on 20/20 or dateline as one of the most crooked police departments in the country and have been fined by the FBI for those practices. Drive through Lavon at your own risk!

The Lavon Police Department has a completely different police force from when 20/20 and the FBI were there. The incident you are refering to happened 15 YEARS ago. Please know your facts before posting things. None of the officers that work there now, worked there when that occured. They have done a wonderful job attempting to change that reputation. People in the past messed up. It is not fair to the officers that work there now for people to blame them.
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As the other person said...this was 20 years ago! All new, fair and normal cops in Lavon now. They are extra careful not to offend or do anything wrong due to past issues. Great bunch of guys there now, even when they write me a ticket. I deserved it...71 in a 55....paid with a smile.
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