Highway 99W

Sherwood, OregonOct 01, 20000 Comments

The speed limit on 99W Northbound changes from 55 to 45 long before one enters anything resembling a town. In spite of the fact that there are fields on either side of this four-lane rural highway, the speed limit drops from 55 to 45 and remains as such for several miles. Often the police are waiting, headlights off and behind trees on a side road called Smith Lane, where there are no overhead streetlights to catch the reflective words on the side of the police vehicles. Regardless of whether one slows down long before one sees the police officer or not, if a cop is waiting, a driver will probably be slapped with an exhorbitant ticket (we’re talking upwards of $300). The reason for this is that the Sherwood PD utilizes laser guns at distances of 1000 feet or more, thus making it nearly impossible to avoid detection if one is speeding. The speed limits are not posted particularly well, but during the day it is often not necessary to know as the area is congested. However, at night, when it is possible to go as fast as one would like, the police are ready and waiting to catch motorists unawares. However, I hesitate to state that night is the only time one needs to be careful in this location, as I’ve heard that the SPD patrols frequently and at random.

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