Howard Rd & Lincoln Blvd

San Francisco, CaliforniaJun 27, 20092 Comments

New motorcycle cop has been hiding out here during commute hours and uses K band radar. I wasn’t speeding but got pulled over for tinted windows. Be cautious all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge along Lincoln Blvd, there are several other hiding spots he could use.

If you are talking about the Presidio then yes the whole area is a speed trap. Park police officers will camp out in every nook and cranny in there to catch violators. The only good thing is that if u get a ticket then set up a court date to protest it at the federal building. Their citation system is set where the US Magistrate will almost always lower the traffic fine. Also if u pay then it will NOT go on your DMV record.
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Yes, this is a speed trap in both directions. Northbound, he likes to hide behind the large bush at the turnoff onto Howard. Southbound, he likes to hide in the Baker beach parking lot. For what it's worth, there is a reason why the speed limit is 30 mph along that stretch of road. As a resident of that area of the Presidio, I have to make the somewhat-blind turn onto Lincoln (from either Stillwell or Pershing) very frequently. When people are going the speed limit, it isn't a problem. But when people are speeding, I've had a few near accidents where people had to slam on their brakes. So yes, he's there pretty much everyday at various times. But he's enforcing a speed limit that's there for a reason and following it will help you avoid more than just a ticket.
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