Hueytown City is a Speed Trap

Hueytown, AlabamaAug 30, 20121 Comments

I know an officer who works for hueytown police .He personally told me that hueytowns police chief orders them to have at least 40 actions per month. Including tickets and arrests!! That 24 hours resturant is a DUI trap on weekends. They know people stop to get something to eat coming home from a club friday saturday nights. Be very carful driving in Hueytown! Use alternate routes when possible !!

You are absolutely Correct. An Officer told me this same thing.She said for me not to tell anyone, but why shouldn't I? I could care less if some cop gets in trouble with their Chief for running their mouth. Her words were, the Chief had ordered them to make XX number of contacts per month traffic wise. She also told me about the free food that they get at certain Hueytown restaurants, McDonalds, Uncle Sam's Bar-B -Q, and then a discount from the Taale place there by FoodGiant. She also told me the Chief had ordered them NOT to be on their cell phones and that included texting, but they do that anyway she said, She told me that if they get caught the Chief said he would give them UNPAID days off. Hey Chief quit being a hypocrite,. You encourage these officers to use that computer while driving to run people tags.
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