Hwy. 140 between Mariposa (Town) & Mariposa/Merced County Line

Mariposa, CaliforniaMar 01, 20101 Comments

3 to 5 Highway Patrol units working together with radar. Sometimes one will hide in plain sight then another unit or two will be a mile or so down the road, catching those that thought it was safe to “roll”. This is also practiced on the move with 3 or 4 units in close succession. They also have zero tolerence days, where even just a mile or two over will get you a ticket. This is nothing more than a revenue generation tool as there are far less safe roads in the county. Please Note: Apparantly local custom is to flash oncoming civilian vehicles which indicates that you are approaching a parked radar unit.

My bar sits right on the hwy 140, in Cathey's Valley.. And since the CHP has set up it's speed trap I've lost a lot of business. It also doesn't help that when the CHP pulls someone over they stop in my parking. So I ask you, who is going to pull into a bar with the CHP sitting in my parklot with there lights flashing.
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