Hwy 18 N coming out of town

Bolivar, TennesseeAug 10, 20130 Comments

Was coming out of town northbound with 2 vehicles in front of me and 1 behind me..seen police car facing south on left side of road, officer turned his blues on and off like to warn the lead vehicle to slow down. I glanced at my GPS and speedometer which both said 40 mph… I could see speed limit sign sign about 50 yds ahead that said 45 speed limit so I never give it a second thought until almost a mile later when the officer lit up her blues to pass the car behind me and proceeded to pull me over. This was not residential area but rural even tho technically city limits. Told me I was doing 45 in a 30. Not wanting to tee her off I only said I thought I was doing 40 in a 45 officer. She took my license insurance and registration n went to her car. Came back with ticket n I asked her to see radar that said I was speeding which she just ignored and ask me to sign ticket n court was 3 months later. I told her I was not trying to be smart but what about the 2 cars n front and 1 behind me and where was the sign that said 30 as I saw 45 limit sign where i met her. She never responded but turned away to leave. I had to stop her and ask for my copy of ticket. I do not know about the front vehicle but the vehicle n front of me was a Tn tag…my tag was out of state.. I turned around n retraced my route to where had been sitting (and had returned after ticketing me) She was sitting between where limit changed from 30 to 45 about 50 yds from 45 sign. I stopped at a store before restarting my journey and said something to clerk about the speed trap n had couple others n store tell me that was the norm to ticket out of town/state vehicles for speeding because we wouldnt come back n fight it but pay and go on. You would think any decent law enforcement officer would issue a warning in such a situation but as the locals said its how they make their money

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