Hwy 20 between Birmingham AL and Atlanta GA

Riverside, AlabamaDec 01, 20011 Comments

This is the worst place to get a ticket. The judge will not hear any excuse or allow traffic school. Nobody gets out of a ticket in this courtroom. I saw one kid get locked up for reckless driving not on the day he got the ticket but the day he went to court.

This little town is nothing but a ticket generating racket. It's a one horse town with a city hall the size of a small mobile home ( with far less class too). It's off of an especially oppressive and abusive stretch of highway on I-20 . The little town holds court every week and they literally cram this little building full of people they have written tickets to. No telling what they are making off these tickets. There is an especially rude, ugly, mustached, fat, bald, and arrogant K9 cop who likes to patrol their highway ( even though by alabama law he supposedly cannot issue speeding tickets) and tries to get you for anything including insurance, tail lights, headlights, signals, lane changing, wrong blood type etc..Seriously this guy is stepping over the line big time and needs a good talking to by an attourney. One last thing to remember when driving through this crap hole is that if you cannot pay your ticket on the day of court you will be on probation ( yes probation) for two years and it doesnt matter that it was a lane change without a blinker signal ( true crime against humanity of course). These are not public roads it is tyranny plain and simple...
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