Hwy 22 near Wolf Bay after crossing bridge go up hill hi

Elberta, AlabamaJun 06, 20121 Comments

My husband was driving the speed limit (one sign says 35 and the next sign says 45) while driving on 22. We had just crossed the bridge over Wolf Bay and went around the curve in the road. We were heading toward Lillian. As we went up the hill he was driving about 40 miles and hour. My husband is a conservative driver. As we topped the hill on the right side of the road a Elberta City Police was sitting there. We thought we were in the clear, but low and behold, a local cop put on his siren and stopped us. Now mind you he was not in the city limits of Elberta. He was just over the line about 200 yards or so. He said my husband was driving 51 in a 35 MPH zone. Which he wasn’t. We did not argue with the younger police officer. We accepted the ticket. Know we would probably go to court with it. Then a few days later, my husband mentioned it to a friend, who had rec’d a ticket in the same area. The officer again was outside of his city limits sign. The officer also told my husband’s friend he was driving 51 in a 35 mile MPH zone. Something is going on in time of Elberta. I know they need money but this isn’t the way to get it. On the main road Hwy 98 that goes through Elberta, within the city limits of the town, there is always someone speeding and they usually speed around my husband.
This area is in a tourist area going to Pensacola, and near Gulf Shores, AL. The Mayor in this town should think twice about sending his policemen out to write tickets. Mad people who feel that have been taken advantage of don’t stop in a town that has a speed trap to make purchases. Shame on Alberta. I will never shop in that town again. I am very disappointed in the way the police department works in this town. I am sure there are many more out there who have had similar experience in Alberta, AL

Were you on County Rd 20? I'm not familiar with a Hwy 22. The Elberta Police Jurisdiction extends past the area that you are describing so while you're upset that you bumped in to a Police Officer on a "back road" outside of the city limits he was well within his jurisdiction. The Elberta PD likes to set up on this road due to the number of people that FLY down it on their way to Foley. I've seen people doing over 100mph on this RESIDENTIAL road. I would recommend staying on 98. No doubt Elberta is a speed trap. They do not hesitate to pull people over for speeding particularly if their license plate has a picture of an orange on it..
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