Hwy. 231 and Hwy 2 intersection at the Red light.

Campbellton, FloridaFeb 23, 201110 Comments

There are 4 overhead cameras now aimed at the intersection in N. bound and S. bound lanes of 231. If you have to stop for red light, do not cross over onto the white line or you will recieve a fine in the mail.

I just received a ticket in the mail for 158.00 for turning right on red at this intersection which is a town population of 200 people. This is a ticket trap and really illegal intrapment. This town is munipulating the law for their advantage. When we as tourist stop and by gas and spend our money in their town and they thank you with a 158.00 ludicrus fine for turning right on red. I live in a city 50 times bigger and fine for that is only 65.00. It's a sad day when city officials use this illegal means( and yes just because u are the law doesn't make what u do legal)to generate revenue for their town.
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I live about 500 foot from that intersection. I can guarantee you a way that yo will not receive a ticket. when the light is red, STOP!!!!!!!!!!! The law states that you must stop when the light is red. I have been in the fire department located between my house and that intersection for over 15 years. I have dug people out of mangled cars in that intersection. Usually once or twice a year. Every one of the wrecks had one thing in common. Some one did not STOP!!! The town pays the company that owns the cameras $9,500 monthly. The State gets $83.00 of each ticket. That is mandated by the Legislature. The Town gets $75.00. The $9,500 comes out of that $75.00. So, no sir if you did not stop, you deserved the ticket, and I thank you for the new fire truck!!
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http://www2.jcfloridan.com/news/2010/nov/07/cambellton-revenue-picture-improves-ar-1060151/ I have posted an article above as I just received a ticket in the mail, Friday, August 27. I did go over the white line when stopping to turn right on Hwy 2 from 231 and you can see my brake lights on the in the pictures they shared with me. This article states very clearly it is to generate revenue in this town. I have lived in Georgia for 22 years, but was born and raised in Chipley, a neighboring town to Campbellton. I have traveled these roads frequently to go home to see my mother and other family members. My point is the article states they gave warnings and did not activate cameras for ticketing until August 19th. My ticket is for August 12 and I see the post above are before the August 19th date. Would love to know how many people were out of state that received tickets before the August 19th date they posted in this newspaper article. They share their thoughts on what they would like to do with the money they generate.
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I travel this town twice a week always stopping to buy gas, maybe food and drink for over 25 years. I just recieved a trap ticket for crossing under a red light. I have a perfect driving record and i am 55 years old. I distictly remember when I did it. I was pullin a loaded heavy trailer and another driver was bearing down on me. If I would have slammed my breaks on he would have rear ended me. I may be held hostage to paying this fine of $158. but i assure you it will cost the city of campbelton and the business owners of that one redlight town much more than that. I will no longer buy another dimes worth of anything in that town and I will make it my mission in life to see to it that everyone else passes them buy as well. Maybe the store owners can put preasure on the money seeking councelman that put the system in place. Go out and read about this company. They promote this as a money maker for the city client, NOT a safety improver for the community. What a lie on the ticket and website. As far as the other "local" commenter on this blog. Grow a set and get a real cop to issue sitations real time. Not some anonymous camera device. I see the Jackson county deputy there every time I pass through. He is asigned to that town. Just proves that this is just to make money and pull the city out of financial trouble it was in. Ive seen their books and news reports before. They were broke.
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To the commenter above here. My Name is Eric Toole. I am the other "local" commenter on here. I have been in the Campbellton Volunteer Fire Dept for 20 years as of Jan 17, 2012. I have dug several folks out of cars and trucks in that intersection over the years. As far as broke, yes the town needs the money. Don't we all? I have received a ticket myself, but I was responding to a fire call, & I did not have to pay it. What I don't understand is why when you broke the law by not stopping at a red light, you get mad. Don't blame the town for your stupidity, blame yourself. YOU did not stop. As far as the deputy goes, you will not receive a ticket if youare doing less than 50 mph. This is a 35mph zone. And if you want a ticket for running a red light from him, it is much more than the $158! The town pays the Sheriff for the deputy. That is right, the Town of Campbellton pays Jackson County for police protection. Now, sir/madam, I just showed you "my set". COme on and show your. Tell us who was the dummy that rna a red light and got mad when he got caought. Oh, and by the way, did you take time to lool at the video of yourself running the light. No? Your fault. It is availabel to you on line.
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Last year I ran this red light and when I realized it was a red light you can see me hit my brakes but I knew it would be more dangerous if I tried to stop. I received a $158.00 ticket in the mail and I just sat down and cried. I live in Chipley and had been at a doctors appointment in PC and was headed to Flowers Hospital in Dothan, AL being my husband was in the ICU due to his vocal chords being paralized from a previous heart surgery in Gainsville, FL in which he almost lost his life and was to close to his breathing being completely shut off when I got him to Flowers ER a few days before. It had been a nightmare of aprox 4 months for us well most of it he didn't remember so as I was traveling thru Campbellton I had previously had to go thru all kinds of caution lights and red lights in the town before and was NOT expecting a red light and thought it was a caution light. As I passed under and realized it was a redlight I hit my brakes but there was nothing I could do at that time and you can see in the video I went out of the intersection very slow. I got to the hospital and told my husband and stepson what had happened and my stepson said well expect a ticket in the mail. Well we got a doctor to do the emergency surgery back in Gainsville and he had to go by ambulance there being it was so serious so there was another bunch of money in which we didn't have and motel room to pay as well. My husband is alive thank God but still has the paralized vocal chords in which they had to go in a cut a opening for him to breath and possibly going to have to do it again. I tell you all of this so you know why I sat down and cried when I did get the ticket in the mail...I wondered how will I ever pay this. Well as you can imagine something else had to slide for me to pay it. You pay it or you get points and the ticket goes up and I'm sure court cost. We surely didn't have that kind of money. But you can believe me when I say if I ever have to go thru there again being I had never as far as I know traveled that way I will never stop to purchase anything. I am thankful that no one was hurt with me going thru the intersection but thankfully there was no traffic. Oh yeah...when you pay it onliine to this company you have to pay a service charger as well!
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You do not even have to run the lite, just let your tires roll up on the white line after you stop. this is a load of crap, we need to start a class action suite and stop this town from making money this way. This has nothing to do with safety ,just a way to rob you with a badge.
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I just got a ticket for running the red light. And yes, if you do something wrong , you should definitely face the consequences for it. However, I did not run the red light, nor did I turn left. I stopped. There is a driveway right before the light and a van was trying to get out. So I pulled up a little bit because it would be safer for that driver to cross over if the light is holding up traffic. Not to mention that it would of been rude to sit ther and keep them blocked in. I didn't notice the camera till it flashed. And the officer was sitting there on the cornor doing his job I assume. Well since I did not run the red light as the ticket states, will the judge dismiss it or is it really just for the money. Money isn't the issue. I have gotten a ticket from one before and accepted the punishment. I just really don't accept being punished for something I didn't do. So what do you think Mr. Local? Do you think it will be about the money or about what's right?
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I am the local poster. If you stopped you will not receive a ticket. That particular light flashes at the air if no one is sitting there. Every "infraction" is reviewed by a retired deputy. If you stopped & committed no infraction, then you will receive nothing in the mail.
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I recently ran the red light at about 45 mph and got a red light violation. I visit Panama City Florida about once or twice a year and am glad that the little town in Florida increased their U.S. 231 speed limit to 45 mph. I had no idea that Campbellton had a red light cameras. I saw the yellow light as I entered the intersection and had no idea that the light changed to red. the pictures and video on the violation showed that the light was red. I paid the violation that was $158 plus a processing fee of $6.72 a total of $164.72. I guess that inflation? I believe that the yellow to red timing on the light is very quick, unlike many dangerous intersection that have a longer yellow to red timing. I don't understand how a town with a population of less than 250 people can support the use of red light cameras (are there cameras on the intersection of FL 2 as well, I didn't notice any in the violation pictures and video). How many accidents happen at the intersection, I could not find any statistics for Campbellton. One or two accidents a year seems like an inadvertent running of the red light by drivers. How do you stop the accidents that occur as a result of these drivers. I believe the town is using the governors red light camera policy to make money for the State and town. It would be great not to have any accidents, but I don't believe that is possible. I read that studies show that yellow to red light time can reduce accidents by about 50 percent. It seems to me the logical thing would be to increase the yellow to red timing on the red lights in the intersection. The question here is what are the red light cameras use for, to reduce accidents or make money.
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