Hwy 270/Hwy 8 (Moscow-Pullman Road)

Pullman, WashingtonApr 28, 20101 Comments

From Line St. in Moscow, ID, to the Pullman City Limits, there are a multitude of speed limit changes that will trap the unsuspecting driver (and the occasional college student). In Moscow, you have Moscow PD, Idaho State Police, and Latah County Sheriff patrolling the Idaho side of the highway (Highway 8), and on the Washington side, you have Whitman County Sheriff, Washington State Patrol, and Pullman PD (in the city limits). From the state line to the Pullman city limits (near the back entrance to WSU/Pullman Airport Rd.), it’s pretty rural, and far too easy to go over the posted 55MPH limit.

Moscow-Pullman Road from Line St. to the Palouse Mall is clearly posted 25 MPH, 35MPH, and 45 MPH, till you get to the new location of James Toyota, where it picks up to 55MPH to the Pullman City Limits, where the speed drops to 35MPH (with a false ‘Reduced Speed 35MPH’ sign…a favorite trick of Washington LE to justify writing those expensive speed infraction tickets) just before Bishop Blvd.

This is not a "FALSE" 'Reduced Speed Limit 35 MPH' sign. There are TWO signs - one is a warning that tells you the speed limit will reduce, this is the 'Reduced Speed 35 MPH' sign; there is a second sign, about 150-200 feet beyond the 'Reduced Speed 35 MPH' sign which reads "35 MPH" and is just before a curve and the traffic light at the Bishop Blvd intersection. There is another speed reduction area just after the Stadium Way intersection on the bridge over the creek and the railroad tracks. This one also has a 'Reduced Speed limit 25 MPH' sign followed soon after by another sign that reads "25 MPH" just before the end of the bridge. Just as too many people ignore the 55 MPH limit on the Moscow-Pullman Highway, too many people ignore these speed limit signs. They also ignore the fact that as you leave the downtown area the speed limit is 25 MPH and doesn't increase to 35 MPH until you are almost at the end of the bridge headed east towards Moscow. There are the same double signs - a warning sign followed by the new reduced speed limit sign - at the entrance to almost every small town in Whitman County. People just need to be awake and follow the law.
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