Hwy 49 at the city limits

Marvell, ArkansasFeb 25, 20141 Comments

I knew about Marvel and the speed trap so I was going LESS than 45 mph through the town after making sure I slowed down as soon as I saw the new 45 mph speed limit sign. As soon as I left town the road was 5 lanes, no signs of any businesses or houses and I began to speed back up. It was dark, 8:30 p.m. on a weekday, and sure enough, the blue lights flip on. I immediately pulled over to the side of road and waited. I tell the officer that I was going BELOW the speed limit through the town and could not have been speeding because I had just begun to speed up and he informs me that 1) yes, he saw the radar going up 54, 55, 56 and 57 and 2) that there is NO buffer zone…it goes from 45 to 60 mph an 3) when I asked where it switched to 60 mph, it was BEHIND me despite pulling over immediately. He issued the ticket but of course waited until I got closer to the 60 mile per hour so he could get me at the 12 mph over the limit. I am LIVID! I was driving the speed limit for the entire trip, had license and registration and was buckled up. This has got to be stopped somehow. If they were truly concerned about speeding through the town, why are they sitting where they clock people who are LEAVING???

the state highway dept does annual studies of traffic flow in marvell and they set the speed limit not the city but our children are just as important to us as your are to you. marvell ,If you check the records, writes ticket ten miles over the speed limit and we have a district judge that you can present our case to.
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