Hwy 78

Lavon, TexasJan 02, 20111 Comments

Unmarked Ford 250 with trailer pulled me over New Year’s Eve claiming I did 60 through a 45. The truck came from behind I never seen it in the dark at 11:30pm though i was stopped less than 5 feet from a 60mph sign. I never saw a speed change, he must have been camping at a light. He ID’d all 5 of us and spent 30 min running us and writing me.

Ok, I have a question. You say it was an unmarked Ford 250 with a trailer and it was 11:30 at night so you never saw it. How do you know what kind of vehicle it was if you didn't see it? The Lavon Police Department does not have a Ford F-250. They have a Dodge Charger and 2 Chevy Tahoes. And just because YOU stop 5 ft from the sign doesnt make the fact that YOU were speeding any more right. If you cant see the speed limits signs at nigh maybe you shouldn't be driving at night.
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