Hwy 84 heading North before the interstate 25 interchange

Las Vegas, New MexicoApr 02, 20101 Comments

Speed on 84 drops so rapidly that brakes need to be applied to lower speed so a violation is not recorded. Sheriff or highway patrol will be the officer

I was traveling through New Mexico from Colorado to Texas on Hwy 84 South. It was totally dark there was several cars on this hwy and the speed limit was 75 mph. I was on cruise control and the road is pretty straight with lots of hills. All of a sudden in the darkness in front about 2 miles away I see cop lights, I was worried about an accident. Then I glimpse a reduced speed sign, then another saying 60 mph, then another, for 55mph all this time i am braking HARD to try and comply because of the hill. Then another for 50 mph and all of a sudden a cop facing me jumps out of the darkness and turns around as I pass and pulls me over just pass the other TWO cops that already have paying customers! As I am coming to a stop i see the dirt road that has this speed trap going down to 35 mph! I was pulled over right in front of it! It was only off to the right it was a T in the road! So we went from 75 mph to 35 mph for a dirt road! Are you kidding me!??? There were 3 cops out that night. BTW, I supposedly got ticketed for 61 in a 50 it cost me 75 bucks. He even said I had to choose right then and there, "would I be going to court or mailing in my fine?" I told him I didn't even know where court was in relation to where I was or how much the fine was. He said it didn't matter I had to choose NOW! WOW! Now THAT was the granddaddy of ALL speed traps!
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