Hwy 90 West of Pico store.

Brackettville, TexasMay 28, 20102 Comments

Rapid reduction in speed. Just because you hit open highway after going through town, limit is still 40. Cunt deputy constable cited me for going 50 about 100 yards before the 70 mph sign. She said "Doesn’t go to 70 until you get to the sign.: Never mind there was not a single car around me in either direction.

First of all, it doesn't matter if you are the only vehicle on the road or in a convoy. Just because there are no other vehicles near does not give anyone the right to do as they please. Secondly, there are no female constables or deputy sheriff's in Brackettville, Kinney county, not now nor has there ever been, so you must have been stopped for violating the law by Texas DPS. Drive safely and obey the law and signs. Just because you drive like there are no laws anywhere else, the law will be enforced in Kinney County for the safety of everyone.
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Detector went off just past the Pico going west on 90. Border patrol Tahoe sitting by the bridge down off the road. They were there again, three days later when I came back through on 90. I was under the limit, so they didn't bother me. Didn't know Border patrol ran radar!
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