I-11 Boulder City bypass highway

Boulder City, NevadaApr 12, 20190 Comments

Since opening this Boulder City bypass in August of 2018, a section of the new I-11 interstate highway that will connect Salt Lake City, Utah, to Phoenix, Arizona, using much of the present Highway 93 traveling south from Las Vegas, the LV Highway Patrol, in cahoots with the Boulder City Court, has been running speed traps going both directions on the highway. There’s a 3-mile stretch about 10 miles south-east of Henderson, NV, where the cops like to lay in wait. Along this section, we have personally observed numerous times, NV Highway Patrol vehicles ticketing members of the tourism and motoring public. The clear purpose is a money-grab: from 1 to 10 mph over the 65mph limit, for example, will cost you a minimum of $189, payable to the Boulder City court. Boulder City used to be infamous as a speed trap along Highway 93/95 that cut through town — a regular revenue-generator for the police and the courts. Now it has simply switched up to the new highway. It’s too bad, because, for victims among the tourism and traveling public, it leaves a terrible residue of anger at having been preyed upon. First, Nevada builds a gorgeous stretch of highway — it truly is a wonder of engineering, with attractive designs honoring the work on the Hoover Dam which is in the vicinity — and then seeds this highway with speed traps. It seems clear, the NV Highway Patrol ‘s mission is to generate revenue, regardless of the forever-impression it creates in its victims among the tourism and motoring public. In addition to the Court and Boulder City itself, the added beneficiaries are the numerous law firms in Vegas that represent Boulder City speed trap victims who do not want to, or cannot, appear in court themselves. These lawyers, for an inexpensive fee of $50 to $75, work with the prosecutors’ office to knock down charges to parking violations — but the court will not reduce the fine. BEWARE when driving the new I-11 Boulder City bypass! There are sharks in gray SUVs just itching to take a big bite out of your wallet, and ruin your trip.

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