I-25 anywhere from the Pryor exit 42 through to Colorado City exit 71

Walsenburg, ColoradoApr 01, 20013 Comments

State patrol, seen everyday cruising the I-25, often pulling out of State motorists over. Also seen lurking on off ramps between Walsenburg & Colorado City.

now come on, it is not all about out of state motorists......... do not forget that there is a prison in walsenburg, and also alot of folks coming over laveta pass. but, yes, there does seem to be an abundant amount of patrol on this stretch of interstate, and they are NOT very nice about it, they like to catch ya coming down the mountains, where ya seem to gain a couple of more miles faster, maybe they should be patroling the town of walsenburg a little bit better. just my opinion.
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The State Trooper there who runs a stealth style crown vic can certainly be obnoxious. I'm a 59 year old woman & 5 years ago I had JUST bought a black mustang GT convertible. It's a 5 speed & it is so smooth that I didn't realize how fast I was going. The trooper came up behind me out of the blue & walked to the window & his first words were, "You'll be getting a ticket today". At the time I was forced to drive that stretch more than I wanted so from then on I put it in cruise control so my speed was never higher than 74 in a 75. I also bought a radar detector because my black mustang seemed to draw troopers like flies for NO reason - a plate cover that looked too dark, etc. One time after that ticket I was on cruise control & the hair on my arms tingled. I looked in my rear view mirror & there was that same trooper - riding my bumper. He continued to do so for miles. He was purely harrassing me for no good reason. That was the only ticket I've had in 20 years.
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Also received ticket from a very condescending officer here--my first ticket in 30 years of driving. I was very careful to maintain a courteous attitude with this particular officer but he didn't bother. I drive this stretch of I25 frequently and am from out of state.
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