I-295 north of Exit 9, Hopewell, Fort Lee

Hopewell, VirginiaOct 10, 20143 Comments

Just a reminder that this 9/10 of a mile of I-295 (north & south) remains a very active speede trap set up by the Hopewell City Sheriff. Yes, you think the Sheriff would put deputies on the streets of one of Virginia most dangerous citys inwhich to live to protect the citizenry (of stay in the courthouse where Sheriff and Sheriff’s Deputies belong), but no, he’d rather harass out of state (and local) folks passing by Hopewell and steal thier money for his pocket. Anyway, when you see the sign “Enter Hopewell City”, slow down. The Sheriffs sit at the end of that 9/10th mile stretch, which is a gentle curve, so hard to see them. Know this trap is real. (hopefully, sooner or later the VA legislature will stop this type of waste (or someone with money can sue as they did in the other well known speed trap in Waldo Florida.)

Why are there no traffic cameras on i295? Why in the state of Virginia, radar detectors are not allowed? Exactly. Because they know the whole system is a sham. Why is their word more credible than yours in court and the judge know matter how much evidence still finds you guilty. I think they had something like this going on in Ferguson, Mo. Read about it. Sounds familiar?
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Folks who get tickets unjustifiably need to cancel Christmas. For every dollar the judge says you have the pay the city of hopeless, subtract that amount from your Christmas budget. As a matter of fact, just stop supporting anything in this country when it comes to money. We are now part of the food chain. Human (Hu) is now on the periodical chart of chemistry. Welcome to Darwinism.
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This "city", Hopewell, is a DUMP. And a Rip Off with their over zealous traffic tickets. AVOID SPENDING ANY MONEY there. Make them go broke for their unconstitutional "side taxation"; so coward politicians avoid voting to raise taxes. The more daring may wish to damage something in Hope-Not-Well to even the score for the theft this one Sheriff is engaged in. These deputies are ignorant of traffic stop procedures; & only care about tickets for MONEY. DEPRIVE this rotten little town of any and all money until they cut out this "legal theft". Interstates are the domain of State Police, not some podunk Sheriff's Office. True, any peace officer in Va can issue a summons, but their targeting of their ~1 mile of 295 is not decent of them. YES, they have historic sites, but they are in the GHETTOs, and offer nothing of real value. Would be cool if everyone could find a way to break something, or anything to Cost Hope-ill money; to neutralize their Govt Tyranny. Dont suggest or wish to see anyone harmed, but public property as an act of civil disobedience is another thing. Hurt these crooks as they hurt US. Any minor thing will help. (turn on water on a Sat PM, impede plumbing in public buildings, Road Signs, Advertise how NASTY of a town this is, spread the word not to spend a dime there; & yes, Continue your tickets, and go to court. Make them try each and every case, or hire one of the lawyers that mail an ad to you post ticket. They are in on it, so you will get a better outcome for not a lot of expense. Post signs that Hopewell is NASTY & Spread the word. Hurt these pirates financially any way you can. Jefferson: "When Law becomes Tyranny, Resistance becomes Duty."
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