I-40 at only Lonoke exit

Lonoke, ArkansasAug 29, 20024 Comments

Lonoke City Police also work th Interstate system around their Exit. They look mainly for out of state vehicles (U-HAULS, and Texas vehicles), they are known for some big drug bust in that area but will stop anyone for speeding and a chance to search your vehicle.

Yeah they definitely pick on Texas cars. I am from the Central Arkansas area but lived in Texas for a bit. When I came home to Lonoke I was followed constantly until I got my plates changed. They target Texas drivers because of a major drug bust made by a Arkansas State Trooper based in Lonoke was killed by 2 Hispanic guys from South Texas.
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This is more than just a speed trap. There is one officer who will falsify K-9 alerts just to get a search. He uses anything like "following too close" to stop you. Dirty Cop!!!!!! Beward
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DO NOT speed here with out of state tags ANYWHERE. I grew up there and know the leadership. DO NOT trust the leadership. If you fight a ticket there to to Little Rock to get an attorney. Ask the ACLU for a suggestion. Get ready to appeal the ticket as you WILL loose in that kangaroo court.
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I am also from Lonoke and yes the area is worked on I-40 but not by the local police. Yes they may work the ramps but not the interstate. And this comment section is for speed. But on the subject the police who work the interstate at Lonoke are the Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Highway Police, Lonoke County S.O. and the DEA. I promise you Lonoke Police do not work speed on I-40. And for the comment on the trooper who got killed he was a drug interdiction trooper and a truck driver went off the interstate and struck his patrol car and he was killed. That was on I-30 in Saline County and the truck driver was from Arkansas. Every state has speed traps that are wrong and are out there for revenue but Lonoke Police do not work I-40 for speed. Also you are correct Lonoke area has had a lot of major drug bust and we need more bust the way this world is today.
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