I-49 Exit 25

Town Of Washington, LouisianaApr 11, 20114 Comments

This is a ridiculous speed trap. Local officer (Town of Washington) sitting on the side of the road on Interstate 49. How much crime that effects the local community occurs there? I was cited for doing 77 in a 70. These tickets are all about revenue production. I would have felt better if it were a $165 toll road. At least then you could respect the honesty of an outrageous situation.

Yeah, these guys are all about earning their salary; litterally! They got my wife on May 27th for doing 81 in a 75. The ticket is $190.00. Of course we moved to Texas last year and have Texas plates, but we are native Louisianian.
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I just got the same ticket. 81 in a 75 for $190. I'm from Texas and Louisiana plates were passing me like cray I was literally holding up traffic and I was in the right lane! I did a little research and here is some interesting information. Louisiana passed a speed trap law in 2009 requiring the full amount of the fine from any ticket under 10mph of the posted speed be sent to the state. The town of Washington collected over $200,000 of fines in 2011! This isn't a Town of Washington speed trap it's a state of Louisiana speed trap. I go to Alabama several times a year and usually spend the night in Baton Rouge. From now on I will fill up with gas at the state line and never stop. I will not spend a penny in this state. Residents of Louisiana I'm sorry but you should be ashamed.
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I got a ticket for 80 in a 75 - 5 miles over the speed limit. My husband got one for two miles over the speed limit. Not only is this a speed trap, the police officer is a liar. I had my cruise control on 75 (the legal posted speed limit). But this liar cop said I could not have; that I had to have felt that extra 5 miles an hour. The cop becomes verbally abusive. DO NOT go through this town. Better, never spend money in this town or any town in St. Landry parish. If their gas, restaurant and antique stores feel the pinch of no one going there, this little town might change. Write letters to the local officials and parish officials. The only way to stop this is to complain and quit complying with lying police officers and corrupt stereotypical officials. This is a sad little town.
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Yes indeed and the town has no reason for being out there except they incorporated that section of road specifically for deriving an income off it from traffic citations. In a plan the Washington Chief of police called at the time "Operation Payday"(excerpt Alexandria Town Talk News Paper) You can not even see the town itself unless you stop and take a careful look off in the distant trees. Drive careful dont help these jerks out. The State Legislature has been trying to clamp down on this one and others but so far they have managed to skirt enacted laws by various means.
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