I-65 Expressway near bridge into kentucky Crossing

Jeffersonville, IndianaMar 22, 20081 Comments

In Indiana,the last 10 miles of I-65, before you cross the Ohio River and enter Louisville, Kentucky is a speeed trap of monumental proportions. The speed limit for onehundred miles norh of the trap is 70 mph. Suddenly, it drops to 55 mph and the area is rife with police cruisers dispensing tickets. Going from Kentucky into Indiana, its the same story, but the limit is even lower in the first five miles. The prey are long distance travelers who, after driving miles and miles at 65 to 70 mph don’t notice the limit change. Going north, the drivers assume that the speed limit is standard expressway speed [Minimum 55mph], once they have crossed the bridge into Indiana. There, the preditors wait. The favorite prey are out-of-state snowbirds hurring either north or south. When they attempt to contest the situation, they are informed that they can have their day in court, just return in 60 days. The good citizens running this extortion enterprize know very well that the people getting the tickets live far enough away to make a court appearance more expensive than paying the ticket.

There is no way this is a speed trap. There are signs and orange flags warning to reduce your speed for at least a mile before the speed limit drops. Even after all of the bells and whistles to get drivers to slow down, they still speed through the "no fly zone". When they see other cars pulled over by the police, they slow down as they pass the cop and then speed right back up. So this is no a speed trap, this is a lot of drivers who don't realize that the odds are against them on this stretch of road.
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