I-75 Valdosta to Florida boarder

Valdosta, GeorgiaJul 06, 20104 Comments

Lowndes county sheriff’s dept has and on-going speed trap along I-75; from Valdosta to the Florida state line.
It’s not there all the time, but frequently it is. WATCH OUT… they are always pulling people over to get revenue for the county!!!!

If you get a ticket in Lowndes County Ga. you have to first pay the ticket to get a court date. I couldnt see how you would get a fair hearing, if they new they would have to return the money (revenue). I sent a letter and fine to the Clk of Crts, explaining I have a CDL and the ticket would harm my perfect record, and career. They asked me for a certified copy of my Fla DMV, I complied and they lowerd my ticket to a non moving violation and said they would not notify Fla of the ticket. Ga lawyers wanted 400.00 to rep me with no guarantee
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We got stopped MANY years ago. We were NOT speeding!! The officer took my husband's driver's license and we had to follow him to the municipal building. We had to pay CASH right there, and come down in a few month's if we wanted to fight it (Yah right!). We complained to our arresting officer's commanding officer but it did no good. I found out what it was like to feel helpless when you are innocent!! When we got home I wrote to the Head of the State Police, The Govenor of Georgia and "60 Minutes".....it doesn't hurt. We avoid Georgia, when possible, whenever we travel!!
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I exited I 75 on first exit in GA going north from Florida. The speed limit was 70. I got gas and got back on the interstate. I was immediately pulled over for speeding in a construction zone. I asked what construction zone? The officer replied didn't you see the sign? I didn't. After receiving ticket for several hundred dollars for 70 in a 55 construction zone, I drove to the next exit and turned around to re drive the state boarder. I found the sign under the overpass to return to the exit I stopped on for gas. I could not have seen the sign, it was 1/2 mile pass the exit I got off for gas. The sign was not view able returning to 75. The first indication you are in a construction area is barrels miles over a large hill on north 75. Defiantly set up as a speed trap.
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I drive this route 4 times a week and EXTREMELY appalled at their actions based on what I see. My grandson that comes with me often and 12 years old asked me, "Nanna, why are Black people always stop on the highway" I've never paid attention to this until now. I see it all the time especially over the last year but since paying attention, I only see them going after minorities and those with deeply tinted windows. I'm not sure what to do about it, but with all that is going in now, I believe being silent is part of the problem. When I get back to Tampa, I will look into sharing my finding with someone.
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