I-8 through Yuma

Yuma, ArizonaMar 22, 20114 Comments

Throughout greater Yuma, the speed limit has been lowered to 55. Yes, in Arizona. And yes, they’re working it. Drive with one foot on the brake and you’ll be fine.

There is an unmarked vehicle that patrols the 15 miles or so from the State line to the mountain pass both directions. There has been road construction and I'm not sure if the limit will go back up to 65. Watch for DPS in the center divide and shading at under passes.
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This is an enforcement zone 24/7. Both marked and unmarked smokeys and BP work this area. Even 1 mph over could be ticketed. Stopped cars may be searched with a drug dog. The area really extends from Welton to the Colorado River both East and West bound. For West bound, all tags are usually run while you go over the mountain, for registration problems, warrants etc. and pulled over before the first exit at the foot of the hill. I suggest 5 under for this area as citations can be in the thousands of dollars and they issue hundreds each day, If you have anything illegal, unpaid tickets, expired insurance, expired DL or tag, headlight out, etc., I would avoid this highway completely. You might also need to prove your citizenship. Many are stopped and none ever forget the experience.
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If you are traveling westbound on I-8 the posted speed drops down to 65 as you go over Telegraph Pass into Yuma. The speed limit stays at 65 mph to the California state line. However, for whatever reason people still are going 75 mph. Arizona DPS (Highway Patrol) park under the Foothills Blvd. You will be cited if you are still going 75mph in a 65mph zone. On the other hand if you are travelling eastbound on I-8 leaving Yuma. You will encounter a U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint. It is an Immigration Checkpoint. They use a K-9. If the dog hits on your vehicle the BP Agent will tell you to park your vehicle in "secondary" which is on the left. Now that they have "probable cause" they will search your car and it's contents and they may pat you down for any weapons. The BP will run your name and see if you have any outstanding warrants. By the way if the dog does any damage to your vehicle ie: scratches or seat damage you can file a tort claim against the government for damages. Make this known to the BP Supervisor before you leave. I used to work at that Checkpoint some years back when the average IQ of a BP Agent was 115.
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I mistakenly tabbed on the report abuse where the #2 statement is. Sorry
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