I-81, Exit 54, South bound on ramp.

Marion, VirginiaDec 02, 20112 Comments

The on ramp is at the bottom of a hill, the Deputy or State Police or both sit on the left side of the on ramp, out of site from the south bound I-81 traffic that they radiate from behind as they pass the bottom of the on ramp. It is such a cash cow site that the highway department has put out gravel for the patrol cars to park on. I got a ticket here and received solicitation from three different lawyers in Marion wanting to represent me. I made my $128 contribution to the slush fund and tried to forget it. But I always go slow down the south bound Exit 54 hill. Also about a mile south from exit 54 is a rest area with a big area in the median paved, better watch out there too.

They also profile out of state vehicles and give bogus tickets to generate easy revenue because most will not contest. Take a look at the history of this trooper's speeding ticket issuance history: http://fightghs.com/RDCollins-ProfilingTickets.pdf Nearly 70% are out of state drivers. Approximately 35% all received a ticket going 80/70. Out of those who received a ticket for 80/70, more than 75% were from out of state. Clear cut case of profiling out of state vehicles and giving them the same exact bogus tickets.
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County law enforcement officers are paid time and a half to work radar on their days off. They have to write a minimum amount of tickets to justify their overtime pay. Unfortunately, some of them come to rely on this EXTRA pay to pay things like house and vehicle payments. If they do not encounter enough drivers who really are speeding, then they are forced to fudge numbers a little so they can continue working overtime and make their payments.
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