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Ontario, OregonJun 15, 20022 Comments

From Ontario to Huntington there are many areas for traps. I work nearby and have seen radar set up on this stretch of freeway almost anytime, any hour or any day and many folks pulled over. There are a lot of hills, corners and pull outs for the officers to use. It is very easy to speed on this section of freeway. Generally, 10mph over seems to be okay, but don’t count on it. Folks entering Oregon from Idaho need to be aware of their speed after coming from 75 mph posted to the 65 mph posted in Oregon.

Coming Back to ID from Portland. I was 7 miles from Idaho border, coming down a hill, and in btwn the median, there was a state trooper parked in the dark with his lights off! It scared the hell out of me. Traffic Court is at 7am. and there Was 10 cars with ID plates! Look out Idahoans. $280 ticket, defiantly speed trap. Cops are not out to keep roads Safe, they R looking to write tickets!!! Had Cruise control Set at 65, but speed increased coming down the hill, and guess who was waiting? Lights off, down hill stretch b4 Ontario (often place where most people speed unintentionally), No rest areas anywhere in sight, almost to Ontario. Hey, its like Oregon has no Sales Tax, so they pass on the burden to Idaho Drivers. They also Charge $50 for Discovery. I am not sure that is Legal!!!
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I agree that Damascus Ar. has a speed trap for people from out of state. The officer said we were going 17 miles over the limit, but we were out of town when we were stopped. I am sure we were clocked out of town, but I would have to go back to the town to fight the ticket. My husband who received the ticket is 64 and has nothing on his record. We live in an area where the speed limit is 45 I would think that if he liked to speed, he would have many tickets. The town is trying to make all there revenue off of out of town people. I will be checking into what I can do to fix this problem. I don't like injustice at all, and especially from ones who are supposed to protect justice.
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