I-90 20 miles before and after town

Ritzville, WashingtonMar 10, 20102 Comments

Note: Ritzville’s major source of revenue is Speed Trap Money (according to their own court prosecutor). They run several totally unmarked cars including a Volvo station wagon. A smart motorist would set their cruise control at least 5 mph under the limit and stay in the right lane. The Volvo (or other unmarked unit) will try to start to push drivers faster by tailgating.
Don’t fall for it. If you do get a ticket, absolutely talk to the prosecuting attorney, Ticket fees ARE negotiable!

Ritzville is "Police Pirates".
Extortion is their game.

This one is so true. I drive through here twice a week and at least once a week someone tailgates me through Ritzville on 90 W (almost never on E for some reason). I just set my cruise control. If they start getting too close, I slow down to 60 mph. They get off my tail just before I am out of Ritzville.
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You don't know what you are talking about if you think the WSP troopers in Ritzville are intentionally following you too close!! Get a clue!! I drive through Ritzville daily and have never had that happen! If you knew any law enforcement people you would know that is not a common practice! Don't post things that are not true!
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