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Very short 30. thoughtless operation ticket for a couple miles over.$250.00 Never saw a car but the police and mine. 10/20 15

Got the same ticket Oct 31. Poorly marked speed limit signs so it's easy for him to "Gotcha". It's all about the revenue. I will take another route next time.
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The speed limit signs in Olar are clearly marked with no grass or brush obstructing them. You were speeding like many of us do and got caught. When we speed, we must pay the cost and learn from it....I sure have. I cannot blame the officer when I was wrong and I was, bet you both were too. I will take thoughtless over speeding ticket any will stay the same so just pay the one time fine and go about my life, insurance with speeding is there for a long time.
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Just another way to bring money into the town of Olar. A "thoughtless" driving ticket stays in the municipality as does the cash. Better for the Olar coffers and less scrutiny from the state.
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Obviously you have no idea how the state of SC operates when it comes to ticket fines. All tickets except seat belt is divided with the state...66% goes to the state and the municipality issuing the ticket keeps only 33%, except the highway patrol which the state gets all the fine. And all municipalities face "scrutiny" or audits on their fines regardless to the ticket issued. City or town ordinances such as "thoughtless operation" or in some areas "careless operation" assist the offender by not receiving points on their license which increases their insurance. IF you are offered a thoughtless, but would prefer a speeding ticket, by all means request it from the officer and then enjoy your jacked up insurance payment.
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Let's see, $150.00 speeding ticket split $50/$100 with points and insurance or a $250 "thoughtless" ticket split $83..3/$166.67 and no points or insurance.... can go say "EXTORTION?"
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Here is a novel idea....don't speed, don't get a ticket, and don't have to worry about it! BTW....the speeding ticket would be $185, not $150. The state gets $30 right off the top and then the .33/.66 split takes place. $185 ticket would give the town 51 whole dollars and the state 133.32. The 250 ticket gives the town 73 whole dollars and the state 176.66....a whole difference of $22 WOW! Bet the insurance will be greater than that! But again, slow down to the speed limit or at least no more than 13 over and you won't have to worry about either!
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I would say that the Pro-Olar comments are probably from some town official or the "Police Chief" who are direct beneficiaries of the revenue generated from the "thoughtless operation" ticket mill they run. I was curious about the revenue sources of the town so I checked the State Treasurer's website. Interesting to see that Olar is delinquent in filing their FY 2015 certified audit with the state. This is a violation of the law. Shouldn't it be punished?
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Speed trap? Yes it is, but I knew that already from being local. My ticket was my carelessness by not paying attention because Olar has always been a speed trap. My problem was when I walked in the door to pay my ticket at town hall, the smell of weed hit me in the face when I walked in the door. The secretary greeted me when I walked in the door. But it took her 5 minutes to get off her cell phone before I could pay my fine. The town of Olar needs to do some housekeeping.
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