Inkster Road near Ecorse Road

Taylor, MichiganSep 10, 20074 Comments

Just south of Ecorse Rd on Inkster Rd the Taylor police sit and wait for motorists that are exiting I-94 and attempting to make a left turn on Inkster Rd. This left hand turn is illegal and though some have gotten away with it( like me). They still do catch many others.

This trap is still active as of April 2010. I am unfamiliar with the area but was going to a home for work following the directions of my GPS when a female Taylor officer stopped me after turning left on Inkster Road after exiting the freeway. I did not see the sign banning the turn but it is on the ramp while you exit (although the sign explaining where not to turn is tiny and you really have to be looking for it) The nice lady have me a ticket for prohibited turn. Now my 12 year no ticket streak is broken!!
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Ouch...I have made that left turn without noticing a no left turn sign. I wasn't coming off of I-94
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The police depart is still at it, I was traveling to a customer using google maps and it indicated you should turn left on Inkster rd. Police pulled me over on Inkster claiming I made an illegal left and there were signs specifying no left turn could be made at Inkster. I told the officer this made no sense since google maps had directed me this way. He claimed google had not made the new update yet based on the recent construction. (I did not see any new construction) I went back to verify there was a sign indicating no left turn was identified as the police officer claimed. On the I-94 exit ramp approximately one quarter miler away from Inkster rd, there is a "no left turn" sign and under it is a small sign with Inkster Rd on it. As you continue down the exit ramp 100ft there is another no left turn. This one is for telling telling motorist not to turn left on Ecorse Rd which is one way. Taylor police know motorist will not figure this out especially if you are not from that area, so they been jamming motorist with a hefty citation including me. Hope they realize in this universe, what comes around goes around!!
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Two years since the last post on Aug 15, 2016, and Google maps is still not corrected from the construction? What a lie. I exited I-94 onto Ecorse Road, briefly saw the sign and presumed it was to alert me to "no left turn onto Ecorse" (only one direction at this point). I crossed traffic easily, made a left hand turn onto southbound Inkster (per Google's direction) and was pulled over. Not knowing what for, he asked if I normally go this way and I said no. He explained no left turn at Inkster from I-94, I explained Google told me to turn and his response was "I guess Google screwed you". Yes, I got a ticket.
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