Intersection of Lawrence and Harlem (Turn right from South)

Harwood Heights, IllinoisMay 24, 20111 Comments

The red light camera took my picture even though I did nothing wrong as I approached the intersection. According to the judge, the “No Turn On Red” sign was put up in January (My violation was in April). From the driver’s position, when stopped at the white line, you cannot see the sign. It is blocked by the signal light pole. There are no other signs at the intersection with “No Turn On Red”

This is entrapment, and Harwood Heights is eating it up. I am willing to bet that they are catching HUNDREDS of drivers a day with this. Even though I said I could not see the sign, the judge ignored me, and said I had to pay the $100 fine.

THis is absolutely true. It happened to me . They are sneaky and they just recently put a visible no turn on red where it can be seen. Before they never even had a No turn on red just a red light enforced sign. That could mean the camera will take a picture if one blows the light not turn on red and even that light was back about 10 yards or more from the corner. I tried to call and ask the city of Harwood Heights when the new sign was erected and they gave me a B.S. answer of like we don't have a record of it. In my opinion they owe thousands of dollars back to innocent drivers!!
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