Interstate 10 near Interstate 10

Iberville Parish, LouisianaJan 17, 20071 Comments

Trooper will park on the 18 mile bridge (in shoulder) and will open his trunk. Motorists think that it is a broken vehicle when in fact it is the trooper hiding behind the open trunk with the radar to get you. Try to do the speed limit there although 90% drive way over the 60 MPH limit posted anyways.

Recently I was traveling on the 18 mile bridge in La. on I-10 and noticed a state trooper on one of the access roads. He came up on the bridge with his lights on. I was traveling in the inside lane with vehicles in front, in back and on my right hand side. He stayed in the inside lane, so I thought he was wanting to pass and moved over into he left hand side. He pulled into the lane behind me, but since I wasn't speeding I didn't stop. He pulled along side me and motioned for me to pull over, which I did. He got out and came up to the window and said that I had been clocked doing 81 mph. I immediately, with a raised voice repeated 81, I never drive 81mph. and have been watching my speed and haven't gotten over 72 mph and that was in a 70 mph. zone. He said, "that I had been picked out of a group of vehicles that was probably going 77 or 78 mph by an airplane that was hovering and making circles over I-10 and they had radioed to him describing the vehicle and told him which one to stop. I got a ticket, cost me $199.00. Have I mentioned that I am a woman, 77yrs young, traveling out of state alone with a Yorkie dog. Did I look like a sitting duck. What about those other vehicles that I was suppose to traveling along with. If we all were doing 77 or 78 mph. Why was I the only one stopped? And if we were doing 77 or 78 mph. Why did he say I was doing 81. Was it because if I was over speed by another 10 miles, the cost would be higher? He said that I could contest it but I would have had to travel 200miles two ways and it would have been my word against his. And that didn't sound like I would have had much chance. By the way it was the end of the month. Did they have a quota to meet?
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