Interstate 10 near Mile Marker 352

Cochise, ArizonaJun 07, 20071 Comments

Special speed traps on weekends and national holidays with 10-20 cops giving mass/ group speeding tickets. Have a stationary radar check point and will radio the cop to issue ticket.


On the morning of June22, 2014 my family and I were in route to Panama City beach for a much need vacation, our route took us through the small town of Cottondale, Fla. As I enter I adjusted my speed to 45mph. Also I noticed there was a large semi truck coming towards me with a Cottondale city police following it with lights flashing, all of a sudden the car made a u-turn and was coming back south in our direction, so I moved over into the next lane as did the other cars (there was a SUV, motorcycle in front of me, and a small car in other lane), the motorcycle pulled over and stopped. I didn't know what was going on I thought there was an emergency and the officer was going were ever. But soon I realized that in fact he was after me. After finding a place to pull over out of the way of traffic,(I noticed the small car had also pulled over, but when the driver saw the officer was pulling me over, it pulled back into the street and left) the officer came to the drivers side and without giving any explanation, he simply said I want to see your drivers license then said and the cover over your tag is illegal. Without giving me the chance to say anything he walked away as he got to the back of my car he said, as an after thought you where going 57 - in a 45mph. He went to his car came back with a ticket and that was that, I tried to speak with him, but he would not respond. First of all I was not speeding! Second, there is no need in anyone being rude, especially an officer, he should explain immediately why you are being stopped. As the officer approached my car my grandson and a friend of his had been sleeping in the back seat (we had left home early) he was just waking up as this happened, and my husband and I were trying to figure out why I was being pulled over, my grandson thought that it was because he had stretched his arms just we had met the officers car. (we were in a convertible). I pleaded not guilty. This morning I rec.d the courts ruling and of course I was found guilty. I intend to continue fighting this as this is unfair and this town needs to be put on notice that this isn't right. Even when I called the number on my ticket the person I spoke with to find out what I needed to do in order to plead not guilty was rude and there was no reason for this, other than trying to discourage me from pleading not guilty. While in Panama City I spoke with an officer there and as soon as I mentioned Cottondale and a ticket you could see that he was very familiar with the speed trap town and in fact was even familiar with Officer O. A disgrace to the uniform! I have written to the Governor of Fla. and I intend to write and contact more people, I may in fact have to pay this speeding ticket, but I will not do it quietly.
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