Interstate 10 near Mile Marker 825

Anahuac, TexasJun 29, 20062 Comments

profiling and EXTREME enforcement of speed limits… wreckers follow State Police cars to haul off profiled-young and minorities cars..
I was ticketed at FIVE OVER….lucky I am older, white and wealthy.

I travel this stretch every tuesday and it is infested with DPS. Lucky I;m white, have a radar detector and drive a nice truck. Most of what I see are blacks and latinos made to stand a hunderd yards away while the vehicle is searched. Have heard stories of Chambers SO throwing down small bags of pot, it $500 to bond out. Didn't happen to me but someone I trust. Jefferson county is 10 times worse.
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I travel this road daily and i can tell you there is always a highway patrol in this area. I can also tell you that there have been many traffic fatalities in this stretch of highway and speeding of 20+ over the speed limit is not uncommon. This area of I-10 is also a gateway for drugs, so most cars are searched for good reason. I know several of these officers and they are not crooked and I do not think there is any funny business going on here. if you travel this area and are speeding (like myself) there is a good chance you will be pulled over, but do not always get a ticket. I have been pulled over for going 5 mph over the speed limit and my truck searched, but was given a warning.
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