Interstate 26 near US Highway 108

Polk, North CarolinaJun 07, 20071 Comments

I can’t believe this one isn’t already listed. This spot is at the bottom of a very steep drop on 1-26 Eastbound just below where you look out over South Carolina from the top of the mountain. The speed limit is 65 and folks really build up speed here unless they ride their breaks.
That’s what they’re taking advantage of. The trooper sits on the right shoulder just around the last bend before the bottom of the hill. Talk about dangerous as everybody slams their brakes on when they see this guy.

I’ve never been stopped here as I’m aware of how dicey this section is and go slowly, but I resent their causing more problems by trolling for cash out there.

I just got a $238 at this very spot. This is the 1st ticket I have every had in my adult life! I have been driving 23 years!!!! I had my car set to cruise control 65. Started down this very steep hill and above the interstate, on a bridge sat an unmarked SUV with two guys laughing. I was distracted by them because I thought they may drop a rock into traffic or something. When you hit your brakes, cruise automatically shuts off and of course you are going to increase speed down a hill....especially with a tractor trailer on your bumper. At the bottom of the hill sat about 10 troopers with half of them already pulled someone over. I got stopped by a complete smart aleck trooper. He didn't give me a chance to say anything or ask questions. Said I was doing 80 in 65. JERK JERK JERK JERK....DISHONEST SPEED TRAP!!!!
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