Interstate 30 in Titus county at the winfield exit .8 miles

Winfield, TexasApr 29, 20103 Comments

Winfield has incorporated .8 miles of Interstate 30. The whole process is very disgusting. They might as well put up a toll booth and charge fees, at least that would be honest. They have the video running at all times so be careful what you say. The officers are young and jumpy. The judge and city attorney are in cohoots. You will not get a fair trial. The city attorney, a woman, is on some kind of medication, maybe legal, maybe not. Don’t have a pre-trial conference with her, a waste of time. Be ready for two trips, arraingment and trial. They will make an offer to make the ticket dissappear for about a $100.00. A few calls to MADD, 8 liquor stores in town, pop. 450, might help. Rumor is local residents get beer for teens.

I understand that some small towns work just as hard as big towns, but for you people that left a comment or plan to comment in the future, you must understand what a speed trap actually is. A speed trap is a location where the speed moves from a certain speed down to a slower speed drastically. Now as for Winfield, I really think they are the same as any town from Dallas to Texarkana on I-30. But what you must realize is that the speed on I-30 never changes from Dallas to Texarkana. The speed limit is 70 mph. The only time it changes is at nighttime! It moves to 65 mph. No from daylight to dark time is not a very fast process, you have plenty of time to realize the change. Remember this, the driver of these vehicles that are being stopped choose to speed. The officers do not tell them to speed, they simply pull you over and ask you to please slow down and drive safely. I promise you if you do not speed, have warrants, haul dope, and carry any illegal weapons, you probably will get a warning and be asked to drive safely. Speed traps are commented in every city in every state. Generally the comments are from people who break the law and do not want to be held accountable!! I believe that you should not speed and if you do, don't complain when you get a ticket or arrested! I myself have recieved a ticket recently, but I chose to speed. Great Job officers! people should be happy that there is someone out here that helps make the roads safer and catch criminals!!
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Technically you are correct about the speed limit change issue. But to me a town is a speed trap if: 1) It patrols more aggressively than other jurisdictions do in similar situations 2) It annexes lands or highways that are not naturally a part of the town for the purpose of patrolling to generate revenue 3) If it's "real" motivation in patrolling is financial and not public safety. These things are hard to prove, but those of us here know it when we see it. To me, Winfield IS a huge revenue gobbling speed trap town!
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Were they Winfield cops or DPS? DPS patrols that exit heavily all day, all night. Do you suggest that Winfield does not have the right to patrol the Interstate through their town? BTW, it is not .8 miles, along I-30. Perhaps you were going so fast as to make it appear that short?
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