Interstate 40 near Mile Marker 85

Grants, New MexicoJan 24, 20081 Comments

New Mexico State Police park in the median just west of mile marker 85, Interstate 40, Grants, NM. They work this area all times of day. They park just east of a small raise and east or west bound traffic cannot see them.


Far better than the 'good ol days' of Bud Rice and his 'Budville'. Now that was a professional 'Speed Trap'. The JP system was very lucrative. Bud's 'storage' lot was filled with confiscated motor vehicles. His motel was always occupied. His State Police Officer was given a brace of Pearl handled Revolvers for his 'cooperation'. One day Bud picked on the wrong customer to shortchange at his overpriced gas station and was killed. After a bungled arrest and confession of another young man, the county courthouse jury agreed that 'Ol Bud Rice' and his reknowned station clerk needed killin'. They turned loose the young man, after hearing his testimony. NM justice prevails..... sometimes.
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