Interstate 40 Through Gallup

Gallup, New MexicoMay 29, 20031 Comments

Beware the drop in speed from 75 MPH to 65 MPH around Gallup. Many people overlook this or ignore it. Surpirse surpirse! The New Mexico State Police come out of the woodwork around here, even though you may not see all that much of them anywhere else. Beware, they also have those sneaky "slickroof" vehicles. The kind without lightbars on top, so keep your eyes peeled and go a tad slower than the nuts who fly past you. Let them be the ones that get stopped.

That's great news for those of us who drive older cars and rarely go over 60mph going ANYWHERE, EVER. If you try to tell me I "have to" go 75 anywhere, ever, I'll haul you into court and make you pay my gas bill and car repair bills. In the 90s when my car was BUILT they were built to satisfy LOWER maximum speed limits, people.
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