Interstate 44

Lawton, OklahomaAug 16, 20060 Comments

The whole Interstate 44 is a HUGE Speedtrap from the Texas border all the way to the Okalahoma Airport… I am in the Air Force, and was on the way to drop off a visiting mother-in-law from Tennessee at the Will Rodgers Airport. I was clocked by one of OHP "Finest" . He was not nice or friendly and didnt even cut me ANY break. Wrote me a $203 Ticket and that was that. We saw 8 Oklohoma Highway Robbers in a short 125 mile span, and I saw 7 on the way home. 1 about ran me off the rode , running in excess of 90 miles a hour , just to catch is buddies ( 2 other patrols) getting of the interstate to eat at the local resturant , what I had just been ticked for half a hour before, IS THIS RIGHT? JUSTICE? He can do it but not me. I have fought for this country , been deployed numerous times, and he has done what? Now it doesnt make it right for me to be speeding but, give me a break. I have seen better justice from the Tennessee Highway Patrol where I came from. I believe Oklohoma cant make any other revenue but from their "Payed to drive on" Interstate and the wonderful high tickets from the OHP…
Thanks for letting me say my peace.

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