interstate 5 southbound offr at imperial hwy and pioneer bl

Norwalk, CaliforniaJun 01, 20100 Comments

when exiting the southbound 5 fwy at imperial hwy [pioneer blvd cross st.], there is a long offramp people abuse to pass on the right. during rush hour around 5 pm, they will stop in front of you and try to merge left at the last minute. when you drive around them, even at 25 mph, a chp fisherman will be parked in the vee waving you over. vc 21755, unsafe passing. this is a blanket law that opts to the citing officer’s discretion. vc 21650 and 21750 support your right to pass a left turner on any 2 lane roadwhere space permits.
there is also no definition for the white lines, whether dotted or solid[ 6" wide]
or their meaning. when they go solid at intersections, we might assume that changing lanes in an intersection is illegal. wrong. they are borders, except for the vees at transitions and limit lines [all 12" wide]. so the solid shoulder white line means nothing. but I just lost in downey court citing the vehicle code 2 for 1 and that the officer was illegally parked to boot. man, they just want the money–there’s no oversight in superior court, just when we need it most. we are this close to roadside bail, just like mexico. very dissappointed–

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