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West Fork, ArkansasMar 15, 20084 Comments

Last week or so—Springdale PD, Fayetteville Pd, Washington county PD and the Arkansas State Police have been running speed trap/vehicle checks north and south of the West Fork overpass on I-540. I didn’t realize that city PD’s from 30 miles away had any jurisdiction on the interstate—I must be mistaken.


There is no question as to whether or not this is a speed trap. It is! As a monthly visitor to the West Fork area (for the past 3 years,) with visits lasting a week-at-a-time, I have seen the multiple jurisdiction vehicles out on I 540 at all times of the day. Evidently, Arkansas law allows any law enforcement authorities "cart-blanche" opportunity to "enforce" the traffic laws anywhere in the state. The multiple jurisdiction authorities are ever present at the I 540/HWY 170 Interchange, hiding behind the overpass, up the hill-just west of the Hwy 170 interchange, and 2-3 miles north of the I 540/Hwy 170 interchange. It seems that it takes at least 2 patrol vehicles to get-the-job done, once some unsuspecting driver it pulled over, often with all contents of the vehicle being emptied out of the vehicle. Look out!
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Police vehicles of various jurisdictions operating along I-540 in the area of exit 53 are part of a drug task force. If the contents of someone's car are emptied and searched, it is because he/she is suspected of trafficking illegal substances. The officers do stop folks who are flagrantly violating the 70 mph speed limit. That's not to say West Fork does not have speed traps. One of their favorites is on the west side of U.S. Highway 71: the parking lot of the abandoned warehouse of the highway department. It's right where the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 45 mph. When they park right next to the embankment there, they are totally hidden from the southboud traffic. Another one also is on Hwy. 71, on the east side of the road, just before northbound traffic leaves the Wes Fork city limits. There is a large stand of cedars, next to which runs a private driveway leading to one home and a series of apartment. The officer can't be seen from either direction, and depending on which way they pulled into their hidey-hole, they can get you coming or going!
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100% factual!
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Drug task force is it? I've seen several cars pulled over by the out of jurisdiction cops and never have seen any of them searching a car. they're usually sitting in their cruiser writing. And I'll bet my last dollar it ain't a report on the search they just did.
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