Interstate 55

Festus, MissouriAug 20, 20073 Comments

Located at Festus Mo. exit. They are very strict. I was ticketed for doing 78 in a 70. I am from out of state and have since learned that they bragg about the number of tickets they give at this location.

If the speed limit sign says 70 then that's what you should be driving. If you were supposed to be driving 78 the speed limit sign would say 78. What's the big rush anyway? Obey the rules and you'll have no problems.
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This area of I 55 is a Travel Safe Zone not necessarily a speed trap. There are plenty of signs posted telling drivers what is going on, if you got a ticket then it is your fault. You should be slowing down and driving the speed limit anyway.
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I think people in Festus are low life criminals. Instead of fixing their roads or put a speed alert or multiple sign with speed reduction so travelers won't be confuse with the speed, they put a speed trap camera to steal travelers money. They know that on I-55 the speed is 65mph and most of Highway 67 speed is 65mph, so on the curve they put 40mph speed limit. This practice is unethical and extremely dangerous for travelers because some states post minimum speed limit or the speed is reduce on the curve but resume after the curve. If traveler reduce their speed to 40mph on a highway that allow 65mph they will be in danger of getting rear-end. Again, if they truly care for the safety of people living there and travelers, they would have put speed alert or multiple sign to alert driver, but instead they put speed trap there to steal traveler money. Speed trap cameras only work for travelers because local know the location and won't speed, only travelers which is not familiar with the location or the speed of the road get they pocket pick. Yea, I think these people are low life like dogs.
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