Interstate 640 East near Millertown Pike Crossing

Knoxville, TennesseeAug 26, 20061 Comments

Before you ask or think it, no I did not get caught here but lots of people are and have. It seems to me we build high speed Interstates to move traffic and then set the speeds just lower than traffic wants to move so we can nab them. The speed limit here is 55 mph but at that speed on a 4 lane highway you almost feel you are creeping along.
This is a major bypass off of I40 in Knoxville, TN at Knoxville Center Mall and the police "hide" on top of the bridge behind the concrete railing with a Radar Gun and have the police chase cars positioned on the entrance ramps on I640 East Bound.
I think it is disgusting and this city is into anyway they can get money out of a citizen it seems they have sunken to a new "low". I realize this tactic is not new, but it makes on feel like a child whom they are trying to catch doing a petty thing wrong but make a major catch of the money from just another bureaucratic way to drain citizen’s wallets.

I saw a cop sitting on a folding chair on the overpass on Millertown with his radar gun pointed at traffic below. Evidently there was a 'runner' waiting around the curve before the split to 40E and 40W.
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