Interstate 75 near 93 NB @ 418 MM

Columbia, FloridaMar 13, 20072 Comments

Planes are monitoring the area for speeders.

More than a speed trap it is a revenue machine for Florida. Why else would they put a very expensive airplane and tens of cruisers to only this endeavor. The method of calculating your speed from the plane is very prone to operator error. Most people stopped are from out of the state, traveling back home after a vacation (nice). They are like vipers once they have a "target". Very disrespectful, too. Mine was a sad excuse for a police officer. They are so aware of their scam that they offer you a way for you to prevent your insurance from being affected. The blackmail is to go to one of their sponsored school on line for safe driving, something you have to pay a fee thus taking more of your money. I am not going back to Florida again. Talk about corruption! I know corruption when I see it, I live in Louisiana.
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Speed Trap is definitely in Columbia County. They do target out of state people and the plane monitoring is questionable. They wrote the wrong description down for our vehicle on the ticket, and when I asked the officer if this was some kind of gimmick, his response was (with a sneer) "Yes sir! this is a gimmick!" Driver's beware, this pathetic county is trying to profit from everyone coming to see Mickey. Their were dozens of people pulled over at the same spot, he just targeted our car because we had slowed down and were easy to follow. I'm sure the court system is corrupt here too if you decide to show up for court...
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