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Gillette, WyomingMay 23, 20054 Comments

Going westbound on I-90 coming out of South Dakota the speed limit is 75MPH. Crossing over the state line into Wyoming it eventually drops to 55 MPH. They will write you for 5 mph over. Troopers are all over the place and they work in packs just like wolves…preying on out of state drivers. The cop that got me stated "it’s my policy to write everybody." Hmm, I wonder if he’d write his own mother. Or how about his partner or his supervisor? Of course they probably never go that fast in the first place.

Unless there is construction somewhere, the speed limit on I-90 is 75 MPH all the way through Wyoming. Construction or maintenance activities may cause reductions, but these are not speed traps. And you know what? If you can't stand to drive the speed limit, then do one of three things: 1) Be prepared to pay the fines if you are caught. 2) Work through your Legislature to get the limits changed. 3) Stay out of Wyoming!!
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I live in the Gillette area, and travel all around on I-90. The ONLY time that the speed limit drops to 55 is when the interstate is under construction. IMO, construction zones are not speed traps, and they will ticket EVERYONE. Just because you don't see them out there working, if the zone says 55, or 65 in some places, then do it, otherwise you will get ticketed.
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I travel I-90 daily in Wyoming and I can tell you that 80 MPH all day long is not a problem. If you are driving a rental moving type truck or pulling a trailer (U haul, Penske etc.) you WILL be a target as I90 and I80 through Wyoming are notorius for large shipments of illegal drugs. The patrols have dogs and you will get busted.
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We were returning from spending several thousand dollars in Wyoming on a "dream" vacation. We got to a spot where the speed limit dropped suddenly. The cop almost laughed at our surprise. You can bet we will not spend our $$$ in Wyoming again nor will we recommend it to friends. Btw, no speeding tickets for YEARS in areas where we are familiar.
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