Interstate Hwy 2a near Interstate Hwy 12

Lacombe, AlbertaMar 14, 20071 Comments

Speed limit changes from 70 to 50 for southbound traffic. No signs posted for northbound. Also watch for overzealous traffic cop who hides and snags people for stop signs coming out of grocery stores.

Sure, it's a speed trap. But there's a reason for prevent accidents along an area where people are making left turns onto a busy access road. It is not necessary to 'post a 50km speed limit for northbound' because that's the normal speed limit within town. If you're conscientious about traffic rules, you won't speed up to 70km until you're well past that busy area and have driven a few blocks up to a lighter-traffic area where 70km is, indeed, posted. We all fall into bad driving habits if we aren't reminded (by 'overzealous cops') once in awhile. If you sit at the A&W for an hour in mid-day, you will see that over half the drivers in this town believe a STOP sign means 'slow down and roll around the corner or across a very busy, dangerous intersection'. Wish we could afford more 'overzealous cops' to sit there and hand out tickets. Who needs vehicle damage and deaths?
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