Interstate I-75 near Mile Marker 195-218

West Branch, MichiganOct 08, 20071 Comments

Watch your self from the 195 mile marker on north I-75 to the 218 in Ogemaw County, they now have LIDAR! YES! It may look poor but they have these guns, ultraytle lidars, prolaser 3’s. Laser is usually seen at the 208 mile marker but has been seen south of this by me at the 204 roughly, right when you enter ogemaw county you DEFinetly want to SLOW DOWN! If you haven’t already! As the 195 is also fatal! You won’t see any of these traps as they are all subdued in the woodline, as with this another tactic has been seen, Lidar being shot while standing in the trees. Yes the 212 is also another sneaky spot that the guy was talking about TRUST ME I KNOW I LIVE HERE! I track down these spots freaquently! Don’t ease up your eyes once you get past the 212 though as the speed trap continues in ogemaw county all the way to the 218 where IO KA band is used quite WELL! A low end detector user WOULD BE TOAST! The 218 is another one to watch out for WHile going SOUTH BOUND. The 207 is either south or north bound targeting. The 208 if north can be either IO k band, ka band, or i’ve even seen LASER here more than once! ULTRALYTE!

I don't know about the technology used in their radars, but I CAN tell you that I have had to travel through this area to get to appointments at the VA hospital in Saginaw over the last couple months. Every time, Ogemaw country sheriffs department is sitting at the Ogemaw/Arenac county line. $110 ticket for 75mph in a 70mph zone. You can plea for leinency to the magistrate or judge, but in my case..."pay within 14 days of the date the ticket was issued". Went to Saginaw today, saw one patrol car at the couny line at 11:30am, after appointment, 2 patrol cars at the county line median, and another with a vehicle pulled over about 1 mile north at 3pm.
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